comfort zone
It’s human nature to want to feel comfortable. We naturally gravitate toward what’s familiar and stick to what we know. Let’s face it, change is hard, especially when you’re used to a routine or a set of habits. Those who know me would tell you I tend to play it safe […]

5 Reasons To Get Uncomfortable

ask for help
When it comes to reaching your goals, frustration can be a real buzz kill. This is especially true if your frustration stems from a lack of understanding or skill. Let’s face it, no one can be great at everything, but against our better judgement, we pretend like we do. And when […]

When To Get Over Your Pride And Ask For Help

healing grief
On January 22nd I lost my dad. To say that this has been the hardest point in my life is an understatement and I know it will take time to feel even kind of “normal” again.  To be honest, writing this post is difficult because I so want to commemorate my dad, […]

Take Time To Heal Your Grief (Even If You Think You’re Too Busy)

goal setting
It’s a new year and a great opportunity to change your perspective, create new goals, and work toward a life you’re thrilled to wake up to every single day. Before the clock hit 12am on January 1st, did you make resolutions for the new year? Maybe you’re still thinking about […]

Conquer Your Goals By Creating A Road Map

feeling secure
Today’s post is a guest article brought to you by Robert Fuller, writer, coach, and entrepreneur at the Thoughtful Talk Blog. The structure of this post is different than my regular posts to stay true to Robert’s writing style.

The Danger Of Chasing Security